Invitation to Huddle

13 Sep


This Fall at my church (Riverfront Family Church in Glastonbury CT), we are launching some new small group “huddles”. Myself and my friend Luis will be co-hosting a huddle starting at the end of September.

A Huddle is a small group of folks who get together regularly to share, process, pray, hang out, laugh, discern, and seek together. If you have been involved with Small Group Bible Studies before, this is not that.

I love bible study and group discussion, but have often found that they lack real impact on my life.  Being in a huddle this past year, however, was a totally different and life-changing experience.

Instead of a bible study or curriculum, we all committed to praying and reading the Bible daily. Then in our Huddle meetings, we pretty much asked two questions each time: (1) How is God speaking to you?; and (2) How are you responding?  You would be surprised how powerful regularly answering those two questions, in the context of a small group, can be.

If you are looking for a place to deeply connect, be authentic and go deep… I hope you will consider joining us!  Our plan is to meet the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month, probably at 7pm. We will start by meeting at my place in South Windsor, though we can vary that once the group gets together.

There is no requirement that you attend or belong to Riverfront Church or even any church… just that you are open to hearing (and responding) to God in your life!

So, to summarize, here is what we will be doing:

  1. Read Bible and listen for God daily. Asking God about our personal lives, calling, direction, etc.
  2. Meet twice a month to share what we hear God saying to us and what we are doing about it. Receive encouragement and advice from others.  We are generally meeting Mondays at my place 7:-8:30pm. Meetings are mandatory and cannot be missed except for something unavoidable.
  3. Sometime in 2016, we will cut back to meeting once a month so you can start your own Huddle.  You can choose people from church or from other parts of your personal network. The goal is to pass on to them what you have learned.

As you can see, it’s a high cost, high benefit model. In my own experience, when I put God first in my schedule, somehow or another all the other stuff sorts itself out and I look back and say, that was the most significant thing I did last year!  That is my prayer for this group.  And I would be thrilled if you were in it!!!

Let me know if you have any questions or are interested!

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