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Podcast: Joshua Gagnon Leadership

Here is Part 1 of the podcast I recently was on with Pastor Joshua Gagnon of Next Level Church.

Josh was my pastor when I attended one of the Next Level locations when living in MA.

While Josh is definitely more conservative than I am on LGBT issues, I have great respect for him and the church. We had a great, open, constructive discussion about LGBT issues and the church.

I hope you listen… I will post Part 2 when available.  Let me know what you think…


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Three Things I Learned Since Coming Out As A Gay Christian

This is a great post… Please and let me know your thoughts!

The Dispatch


By Christian Brown | July 22, 2015

Someone asked me last week if I regretted my decision to come out as a gay Christian.

While my answer was “no,” I do mourn the fact that choosing to chronicle my 16-year journey of sexuality and faith has altered my life permanently.

Good friends no longer text me. My worship ministry has been sidelined. And overnight, I’ve become a polarizing figure to many of the Christians I know.

Since my blog post was published in June, I’ve received more than 100 personal messages via text, Facebook, and even WhatsApp that have expressed everything from praise and approval to shock and disappointment.

As I expected, the most passionate responses came from fellow Christians who accused me of “growing weary in well-doing,” “intently defaming the Church,” and “trying to change an immutable God.”

One person even told me that my choice to come…

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Echo Chambers


So many people seem to live inside an echo chamber. You know, the kind of space where whatever we think-feel-believe is simply reinforced and made louder by all those we surround ourselves with who think-feel-believe the same way. And we tend to reinforce the echo-effect by watching the same pundits on TV and tuning out any and all counterpoints or perspectives.

Frankly, living in an echo-chamber is intellectual suicide… yet, most people construct their lives in that precise way.

Over the years I have been very intentional about living outside the echo chamber. Social media is actually a great tool for this, assuming you use it to broaden perspective, not narrow it.

If all your friends on Facebook are liking and posting the same Fox News report or MSNBC report or what have you, it simply amplifies the echo effect.

I am often times surprised (dismayed? shocked?) at some of the things posted on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram by people in my social network. My network includes socialists, feminists, liberals, conservatives, fundamentalists, evangelicals, Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, Buddhists, Hindis, secular humanists, Democrats, Republicans, blacks, whites, Asians, straight, gay, bi, trans, queer, etc etc etc.

I think that is healthy and good and of great value.


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ReBlog: An Update on the Gay Debate: evolving ideas, untidy stories, and hopes for the church

Julie Rodgers

I was a senior in high school the first time I shared my story on a stage. The ex-gay ministry I had been attending for 8 months asked if I would be willing to share about the Lord’s work in my life, and I was honored. That was the beginning of what has now turned into twelve years of speaking publicly about some version of being gay and Christian. There were several motivating factors for me entering into the public conversation back in the day: one was that I wanted to be accepted by my community—I wanted to be the good kind of gay. The other reason was that I wanted to do right by the gay youth silently suffering in the pews. I wanted them to know Jesus loved them and they didn’t have to go it alone.

Twelve years later, I care a little less about approval and…

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The Marty Heiser Show

I was recently a guest on “The Marty Heiser Show” along with conservative lobbyist Peter Wolfgang of the Connecticut Family Institute, discussing marriage equality, religious freedom and other LGBT/church issues.

This clip below picks up around 30 minutes into the show, when I join the conversation. Click here if you want to see the whole show.

Feel free to let me know what you think.

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Back to the Blog

I haven’t written on this blog in a long time… but I think it is time.

A lot of things have been happening over the past year or so and I now work pretty normal hours, so have time to think, write, process and engage in a little “autopsy” of self.

So I hope there are still some readers out there…

– Ben


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