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A Good Example of Preaching on a Tough Subject

My friend and seminary classmate Pastor Richard J. Lee gave a sermon entitled “FAQ: Is Homosexuality a Sin” at his church this past week.  Richard is a great guy, talented pastor… and more conservative on this issue than I am.  Richard holds a pretty traditionalist position on homosexuality and argues for that position in this sermon.  I disagree with his exegesis, but totally understand and respect where he is coming from.

Given that I disagree with him on the topic, you may be wondering why I am posting it here and why I am recommending it?  It is because I think this is a great example of how traditionalists can preach on this topic with grace, respect and without falling into many of the “anti-gay” traps that are so common (e.g. Louie Giglio’s sermon from 20 years ago that got him uninvited to the Presidential Inauguration) or the more extreme bigotry of people like Lou Engle or Bryan Fischer.  In other words, Richard gets the tone right: pastoral, graceful, but pulls no punches on what he believes.  He addresses the tensions and gives people space to disagree, explore, etc.  As a gay Christian who disagrees with him, I felt totally respected and would be comfortable going to his church, worshiping there, etc. — which means he got it right.

If you are a traditionalist pastor or church-goer, this is a great example of how to tackle this issue in your church.  If you are a progressive on this issue — or a gay seeker or gay believer — I hope you listen to it… and then let me know, while disagreeing with him, did you feel respected?  How would you have felt sitting in the pews listening to this?  Any other thoughts?

Here is the link… check it out:


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‘Let’s Do Something Different’: The End of the World’s Leading ‘Ex-Gay’ Ministry – Atlantic Mobile

Jeff Chu just did an insightful interview with Alan Chambers about the end of Exodus… really fascinating stuff and I think an important landmark for the church about the quickly changing dynamic around the issue of homosexuality and the church.

These are exciting days…


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Caught in Methodism’s Split Over Same‑Sex Marriage –

This is a fascinating article… please read and comment.  What would you do?

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Does Jesus Really Love Me? (Jeff Chu)

Here is a review of Jeff Chu’s book by my pastor Nancy Butler… who also has a cameo role in the book, playing herself…

Pastor Nancy's Book Blog

***** 5 of 5 Stars

Reading this book is like meeting 35 new people . . . who privately confide the ways sexual orientation and faith have collided, and sometimes made peace. For a couple weeks after finishing the book Greg would ask me what I was doing. I often replied, “chewing on Chu!” I am still digesting the rich life lessons, but here is what I know:

  1. Being Rejected by your Faith Community for your Sexual Orientation is VERY DAMAGING. It leaves a deeper wound than even I thought before reading the book.  It makes you cynical about the Spirit of God residing in churches at all. If your sense of self is not fully formed, it fills you with deep personal shame and secrecy. It pushes you away from people you love. Worst of all, it can push you away from God. It teaches you to pretend…

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