Quiet, Susan Cain

30 Apr

I really want to read this book. I watched her TED talk and it was great. As an introvert, I am interested in her premise and research.

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***** 5 of 5 Stars

Turns out I am a mildly-oppressed minority and didn’t even know it: INTROVERTS.  Susan Cain makes a compelling case that American culture favors extroversion.  I would have been the cool kid in Asia. The message of her book is:  “Be proud! You bring special gifts the world needs.”

THE SCHOOL DAY.    Tables grouped in clusters facing each other. Team projects dominated by a popular extrovert. Report Card Comments: “shy,” “needs to talk more”.  The cafeteria.  Recess.  Pretending to be outgoing when you really are not. My palms are sweating already.  She says everybody is always surprised at the high school reunion when the class nerd is happily married, professionally successful, and better looking.  It’s no surprise, she explains, after high school you can FINALLY control your environment to one that suits your personality type.

THE WORK DAY.    Open floor plans. Cubicles. Constant interruptions…

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