Missing the Celebration

11 May

One of the tough things about being a professional chef, is that you miss almost all the really big and important celebrations in life.  We work holidays and weekends… just how it is.  When others are off from work, celebrating, going out… we work.  Just part of the deal.

A few weeks ago, I missed a wonderful wedding celebration for a good friend from my college days at Clark University.  My friend was celebrating here numptials with her beautiful wife-to-be.  Two families were coming together, two lives uniting as one.  And for my friend, I could hope for nothing more for her.  Her journey has been long and hard… and now she has found her soul mate… and I wish I had been there to celebrate with her and witness their vows and covenant before God.  

And this Saturday, I will be missing one of the most wonderful celebrations I can imagine.  An adoption celebration (complete with mobile pizza truck!)!!  A wonderful young couple from my church just got word this week that their long awaited adoption of their two sons was finally legal and complete.  

These women are inspiring to me in their devotion to each other, their sons, and as disciples of Jesus.  as far as I can tell, adoption is the greatest of all Christian sacraments. (I know it is not technically a sacrament… but it should be!)  Adopting — especially adopting those who are troubled and coming from a tough siuation, through DCF, for example — may be the greatest self-sacrificing Christ-like act I know of.  And these women have taken it on — because they are called by God as a couple — wife and wiife — to enter this ministry of love.  And to see this family together, to get to know the boys… it is such a beautiful thing.  It is a privilege just to be their friends, to watch from the side, to see Jesus at work in their family.  I am sad to miss this celebration!

This week in the news, marriage equality has again become a hot issue — for positive reasons and negative reasons.  North Carolina voted to ban marriage equality while the President of the United States came out in favor of it.  And even as President Obama spoke out in favor of it, Mitt Romney doubled down on the social conservative front to oppose it.  So, in other words, this issue is not going away and will be a huge issue in the upcoming election.

I don’t know what the answer is… but I think part of it is helping people share and hear each other’s stories.  It is tempting to say that all those who oppose marriage equality are just closed-minded bigots.  But it is not helpful.  Somehow, we need to create spaces where people can talk, listen, share, laugh, cry and learn to understand each other.

Frankly, I don’t know how that will happen… but I believe it is the responsibility of the church to be a catalyst for this kind of healthy relationship building.

While nothing beats being at a celebration… and nothing beats just sitting down and talking over great food and drink… videos can tell some great stories. Regardless of which side of the equation you are on — whether you support marriage equality or not — you will watch both these videos… if nothing else, to better understand…

And then I would love to hear your thoughts…

This video is one of the most powerful video stories I have ever seen… made me cry:

And this is about as articulate an explanation as I have heard:



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