In Defense of Traditional Marriage

09 May

Traditional marriage is between one man and one woman.

It is also “till death do us part.”

A literal reading of the Bible teaches that divorce is evil and that remarriage is adultery.

A literal reading of the Bible also prohibits marrying someone who is not of your faith (in the OT, this means Israelites can only marry Israelites; in the NT, this means, of course, that only Christians can marry Christians).

According to the Bible, the only true marriage is one in which one man and one woman, who are part of a faith community, make a life-long covenant to each other and God, to be married for life.

Therefore, being a supporter of traditional marriage, I am compelled to support legislation that bans:

– All divorce, except in the case of physical abuse or neglect.

– All remarriage.

– The marriage of atheists, agnostics, or anyone of any religion other than Christianity or Judaism. (To count as a “Christian”, you must be baptized, be a professed believer in the Lordship of Christ, believe in the physical resurrection, and have a born-again experience.  Generally, Catholics are in, mainline liberals are out; Mormons are definitely out.  To be “Jewish”, your mother must be Jewish and you must be able to trace your lineage to prove that you are in fact of Jewish blood).

– Any intermarriage.

– Any same-sex marriage.

We must ban all of these because we support traditional marriage. Those who are divorced and remarried shall not be recognized as married for tax purposes, insurance, etc.  Same with all the other categories listed above.  


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One response to “In Defense of Traditional Marriage

  1. Nancy

    May 11, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    Actually, that is pretty much what my CMA (Christian Missionary Alliance) church taught. At least they get brownie points for being internally consistent!



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