The Wrong Gospel

19 Mar

It is predictable… whenever people find out that I am an ordained Christian pastor, their first response is, “Oh no… I will be careful to not swear around you.”  — or something along those lines.  “I’ll watch what I say!” “No swearing, I promise.”  “I’ll try to keep it cleam around you.”  etc etc etc.

What is striking to me about these responses is that it assumes that the Gospel is about being good or doing good.

But that is not what the Gospel is at all.

The Gospel is a mad love story between a groom and His Bride.

The Gospel is about the irrational and passionate love of The Father for His children.

The Gospel is about endless second chances, about a deep and personal relationship with God, about following Jesus.

It is noit about not swearing.

It is not the Gospel of look good, be good, do good.

It is the Gospel of BE YOUR SELF.  BE HIS. RUN THE RACE.  BE FREE.

It is an adventure, a journey, a relationship, a mission, a movement and a family — all wrapped together. 

So you can feel free to swear around me — and then join in the adventure if you so choose.

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One response to “The Wrong Gospel

  1. Ben Dubow

    March 21, 2012 at 1:44 am

    Try again… I love reading your responses.<div><br></div><div>BD<br><br></div>



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