Some Reflections On Being Sick, Part #2

03 Dec

So I got out of the hospital on Monday… back to my own home Wednesday… started work again Friday.  In addition to taking anti-biotics, I also need to have my bandages changed daily.  But I can honestly say, a part from the rather large whole on my back, I feel fine.

During all this time, I have been reflecting on the whole process.

One of the things I have realized is that BEING SINGLE makes BEING SICK a lot more difficult and unpleasant.

Traditionally, wedding vows include the phrases: “in sickness and in health, good times and bad…”

All of that comes into focus when you are sick.

Having a spouse/partner through this process would have definitely made the whole journey better. They would be there for you, with you, etc. Ask questions you don’t think of, make you laugh when you are discouraged and tired, sit with you, watch bad TV with you, make you tea, maybe even make dinner.  It would also mean that there would be no need for someone to come in and change bandages, etc — they could do that.

But beyond the logistics, having a partner in all of this would simply have provided someone to share the emotional burden, to be with, etc.

Certainly, getting married and finding a partner is not primarily about someone being there when you are sick — but it is part of the covenant and it is a blessing — and one I think many people take for granted, unless, of course, your single.

All of that said, I have been blessed in two ways that compensate for being single: MY FAMILY and MY CHURCH FAMILY.

I am very much blessed by a being part of a big, loving, caring family.  And in this case, I was lucky that this happened over a holiday and I was in a hospital close to family — many visitors, many phone calls, many offers of love/help from family.  And I recognize that many people don’t have family like that… it is a blessing!

And my church family.  The notes, phone calls and face time… the offers of help, assistance, meals, etc… such a blessing.  And in terms of the logistics, most of my bandage changes are being taken care of by a retired RN from my previous church and a woman referred to me by my current church.  There was also a team of volunteers at my current church ready to step up as a “bandage brigade” to change my bandages daily if I needed it.  (Of course, none had actually seen the size and depth of the wound when they offered… but I am sure they would have come through, lol).

So the lessons learned: COMMUNITY is ESSENTIAL… the community that comes from family and the community that comes through the Body of Christ.

And yet, being single is hard — especially when life gets dificult or complicated.

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