Some Reflections on Being Sick, Part #1

30 Nov

I am having some surprising reflections/thoughts in regard to my last week (which included 6 days in the hospital, surgery, etc). ?I will post more of these thoughts in the coming week.

But here is one of my initial reflections: I AM VERY LUCKY (BLESSED!)

I had access to good doctors, I have good health insurance, and I have good benefits at work and a job that values me as a person.

So what this meant was I got top-notch medical care and what could have been a financial disaster will only be a financial hiccup.

While I haven't seen the total bills yet, but I would estimate that the total expense of this "episode" will be roughly $50,000 (ER visit, 6 days in hospital, surgery, lots of meds, lots of doctors/nurses/etc). ?Again, I don't know how much of that will become my financial liability, but my guess is about $2,000. ?Now I am not someone who has an extra $2000 just sitting around, but I will figure something out. ?It won't be a disaster — just some adjustments to my budget, etc. ?But if I did not have insurance, this would be a financial disaster!

Also, I am lucky that I was able to cover my missed work with sick days and 1 vacation day — which means I won't miss a check, etc. ?My insurance is through work and my job has been great in terms of giving me the time off I need, checking in to see how I am doing, etc.

But if, like millions of Americans, I did not have health insurance — or like millions who work in the restaurant industry, no sick days or paid vacation — this event would be catastrophic for me financially. ?

I got lucky — but lucky is not a basis for good national healthcare policy. ?Just saying…
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One response to “Some Reflections on Being Sick, Part #1

  1. Rick

    November 30, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    Or, to put it in context of this blog: If we live in a ‘Christian’ nation that takes the Bible and words of Jesus seriously, there is no way that the present situation can be allowed. We MUST follow the lead of the rest of the industrialized world and have national healthcare. The leaders of the insurance companies are worship Mammon and are minions of Satan himself.



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