Prayer Request

27 Nov

And a quick prayer request…

I have been in the hospital since Wednesday and will be here at least a few more days.

Long story short, I was feeling feverish and sick over the weekend when I was in NYC with family. I also had developed a large red spot on my back right shoulder. ?So I went to the doctor on Monday, who immediately referred me to a specialist to look at the spot. ?He put me on an anti-biotic and said he wanted to see me in 48 hours (Wed morning). ?Between then and Wed, I got worse — higher fever, the red spot started to puss and ooze, etc. ?When I went in Wed morning, he took one look (less than 30 seconds) and sent to the ER. ?They admitted me, got me on an IV anti-biotic, etc.

Turns out I had a cellulitis/staph infection that was pretty deep and big. ?They aren't sure how I got it (possibly a spider bite, but could also just be a random skin infection or something else). ?On Friday, they did surgery to clean it out and remove an infected cyst way below the skin. ?They essentially had to dig two inches deep into my back to get it all. ?The surgery went very well, but they want to keep me on the IV anti-biotic a few more days to make sure it heals and there is no re-infection. ?It is pretty painful, but the fever is gone, cough is gone, etc etc. So that is good.

Please pray that it all heals well, that I can get out of here on Monday, and hopefully back to work Friday.?

Thanks for your prayers!

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One response to “Prayer Request

  1. Kit McDermott

    November 27, 2011 at 10:06 am

    Hey Ben. Have been praying will continue. I’ll put in a prayer request at imagine this morning. Heal, brother!



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