A Blog Update

27 Nov

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving!

Some of you have noticed that the blog has dried up a bit. ?Since 2004, I have been blogging consistently (on different sites), usually 3-5 times a week. ?So you might be wondering what has happened here. ?Is dead?


Just in a holding pattern at the moment.

In September I accepted a new job as a sous chef with a successful and fast-growing restaurant group. I spent the month of September working hard to leave my current sous chef job in Hartford well. ?I then spent almost the entire month of October living in a hotel in?Massachusetts training for my new job. ?Since the beginning of November, I have been working hard at my new job. During this time, to be honest, I simply have not had the time to blog regularly — and as my mind has been focused on learning my job, and now doing my job, I haven't had much that I felt compelled to write about.

So I don't know how much I will be posting or when… but I will?occasionally. And at some point, I may begin doing so regularly again. ?In the mean time, feel free to comment on previous posts, re-start old discussions, etc — I am always game for some good interactions as iron sharpens iron.

And I am sure at some point, more regular postings will be back. ? ?
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