In That We Trust

24 Oct

Here is my recent sermon on getting our finances centered… I gave it at Riverfront Family Church on October 16, 2011… would love to hear your comments, thoughts and feedback:

Click here to listen to more of my sermons online.

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One response to “In That We Trust

  1. Mike

    November 9, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    I really enjoyed this. It is hard to give it up sometimes, giving with a happy heart is even harder sometimes. Someone said to me that Human nature never does anything because they feel genuine about it. They do it because there is something in it for them. That frustrates me a little bit because when you really surrender finances to God and Jesus…it is something that you do because it is genuinely what you want to do! It becomes who you are and we trust that fact that God has blessed us with everything, so we don’t even think twice about it. It is what we do. What I have really been working on is not expecting anything from it. I do it because it is my duty and I do it because I want to. It will bless someone and that is the important part – whether that is through a service, through a new speaker @ church, or if that money ends up in a mission. It’s not a personal plight to make me better, it is just for God.



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