Yom Kippur

07 Oct

This weekend is Yom Kippur. The Day of Atonement. In many ways, the capstone of the Days of Awe for Jewish people everywhere.

Marked by fasting, long days in shul and quite reflection, it is a somber day for serious personal examination.

For many Christians, a daily examination of conscience and daily confession are part of our daily spiritual diet. ?And times such as Lent and Holy Week lend themselves to the deep er reflections that happen at Yom Kippur.

I think there is something healthy and mature about such reflection, as long as it does not lead to self?flagellation. ?I believe that it takes serious spiritual maturity to be able to see and name our shortfalls and sins. In fact, as I mature I find more and more sin in my life. ?I hope this is because I am becoming more sensitive to issues of pride and hardness of heart and blindness to injustice… not because I am sinning more.

But as a Jewish follower of Jesus — Yeshua ha Moshiach — Yom Kippur is also a time of joyful celebration. ?For I am reminded that the Day of Atonement has been fulfilled once and for all on a day 2000 years ago at Golgotha. ?I am reminded that God has done for me what I could never hope to do for myself. ?And I am reminded that the day of Atonement… the Day of Reconciliation — when names are written in the Book of Life — is a day full of hope for the whole world. ?It means that sin, death and destruction do not have the last word. ?It means that hope wins… indeed that love wins.

So tomorrow I will fast… and I will pray and reflect. ?But I will also celebrate and rejoice.

The Days of Awe indeed!
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