16 Sep


I have to confess that often my daily quiet time are lackluster and flat. More often that I like to admit, I get through it but (seem) to get little from it.  I can even find myself day-dreaming through it, distracted from the words I’m reading or even saying.  After 18+ years of following Jesus, I have learned not to despair or feel guilt over such things. I know and trust the Spirit is ministering, even in ways I cannot see or even understand. But still, much of what one might call my devotional life can be stale far more than I like.

So why do I persist?

Mostly, because sometimes today happens.

Ambushed by the living Word of God, overwhelmed by joy, humbled by grace… 

In reading Hosea 5:6 – 6:6 and Matthew 8:18-27, it was like a floodgate of refreshing grace-filled living waters to my soul.  The Word led me to sing and worship and pray… and simply to want to be in His Presence, thankful that I am always — even when I don’t see Him.

In reading those two passages together, I was struck by the power of the cross afresh.  I was reminded of His unwavering love for me and the price He paid on my behalf… to spare me, to raise me up, to sanctify me and fill me with His Spirit.

Nothing new.  No epiphany moments. Just pure joy with my Father this morning, as He reminded me again and again… 

you have no idea how much I love you… 
you have no idea how much I love you… 
you have no idea how much I love you…

and that because of His love, the cost of following is both great, but also the greatest bargain in the world!

for where else do we find life?

no where, but in you Father!

Remind me, O Lord… each day! 
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