Starbucks, Willow Creek, and Christian Homophobia?

26 Aug
Here is a quotation from a gay member at Willow Creek:

In my view, [Hybels’] response reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ—that God is pro people, loves everyone, and everyone is welcome. We are not anti-gay and don’t hate gay people. I felt that was a wonderful way to respond, and exactly how I would have responded. Willow has never tried to make me straight. I’m proud of my church and my pastor.

This quotation appeared in an article by Andrew Marin about the recent controversy at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.

As always, Marin offers some really good perspective and insight. Also confirming of why I would attend Willow if I lived in Chicagoland.

I am continually thankful for Andrew’s ministry and strategic position.

You can read his whole article here.


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One response to “Starbucks, Willow Creek, and Christian Homophobia?

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