23 Aug

Yesterday, at our monthly men’s fellowship breakfast at my church, we talked about transitions.

One of the guys in the group made the observation that it seems like we are always in transition.  I think there is a lot of truth to this.  

Most of us think about transitions as being the exception and being temporary and filling the brief spaces between more settled times.  

But what if the really exceptional thing is the brief time when we experience a sense of settlement.  Whether it is about relationships, life stage, jobs and careers… we are always in transition.

As we talked about it, one of the things I realized is that this is very true and that there are at least two really important implications:

(1) God is not that interested in are comfort or us feeling settled.

Abraham was called out of Ur.  Moses back from Mideon to lead his people out of Egypt. Jeremiah was given a tough assignment.  Nehemiah sent back to rebuild the city.  Jonah… to Ninevah.  And on and on… God’s people are always in transition.  This is because we are a Tabernacle people… and incarnational people.  We are on the move!  Settling in and getting comfortable isn’t really high on God’s agenda for us.

(2) Significant growth happens in transition — and this just might be God’s real agenda.

Church growth experts — as well as psychologists and pastors — have known for a long time that people grow the most spiritually during times of transition.  Transitions are often what bring people back to faith (or to seek faith for the first time).  While our agenda is often about comfort, planning for eventual retirement, getting ahead and hitting our life goals… God’s agenda is about relationships and character development.  Transitions forge relationships (with God and others) and both reveals and develops our character.

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One response to “Transitions

  1. Rick

    August 24, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    I have a near pathological hate for "Janis Joplin" faiths- "Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz" spiritual(?)ity. God is present in HOW I handle things, not in what I get in my life…. Meanwhile, I love change b/c God gives me so many options to make my life and the lives of people around me better. He is the Boss, but I LOVE being His agent for/of change.



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