James Emery White Repents

25 Jul
James Emery White, mega-church pastor and former president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (briefly), is starting a 6-part blog series about the issue of homosexuality this week.

I have a lot of respect for Dr. White — as an academic and pastor. I am thankful for his leadership and his ministry. I also totally disagree with him on his theological stance regarding homosexuality.

I am also under no delusions… not only would Dr. White disagree with me, he also would not allow me to be a member in his church, attend his seminary, etc. So despite my respect for him, our “relationship” is complex. Check out his first post… it starts with REPENTANCE.

After reading, let me know your thoughts. Does he strike the right tone? Is he sincere? Is this the right direction for conservative traditionalist churches to go? What are your thoughts?

Here is the first thing I want to say about the matter of homosexuality: 

As a follower of Christ, a pastor and Christian leader, I ask the homosexual community for forgiveness for the way individual Christians and Christian organizations have often treated you.

In other words, I begin with repentance.

I’ve seen anger – even hatred – among Christians toward gays and lesbians that is nothing less than horrifying to me. There’s an “us-versus-them” mentality as if war has been declared; a spirit manifest that shows nothing but contempt.

Even to the point of an irrational fear.

From those who went public after such events as 9/11, or Hurricane Katrina, and said it was God’s judgment on homosexuals.

From those who lead movements to try and get gays fired from public office, or to keep them away from fair housing or employment opportunities.

From those who use terms like “fags” or “faggots”, or hold up signs at funerals that say “God hates fags.”

Little wonder that hostility toward gays – not just opposition to homosexual politics and behaviors, but utter disdain for gay individuals – is what 91% of all Americans between the ages of 16 and 29 who are outside of the church think most marks those inside the church.

So let me publicly apologize to those of you within the homosexual community for the hate you have felt and may have even experienced from the Christian community. That has been our sin against you, and I ask for your forgiveness.


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One response to “James Emery White Repents

  1. Rick

    July 25, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    Is there only one way to salvation or is it a personal journey? Is their any Evangelical that could believe that the Path is different from their Path? So, discussions of Faith, Form, and Results tend to be tautological. White sounds to me like an intelligent KKK member trying to reconcile why he has friends who are African-American and quite possibly brighter than him. Bottom line a friendly homophobe is better than a genocidal one but they are still a homophobe.



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