Change Your Shoes

13 Jul

One of the liabilities of working on your feet 10-12 hours a day is that your feet really hurt.  Add to that, being over-weight — and all the extra pressure you put on your feet — and your feet really hurt.  And add to that a chronic pain along the area of your left foot that broke as a child, and you have some serious foot pain.

This has definitely been a challenge working in restaurants… 

But recently, I was given this advice: change your shoes… often.

In other words, have more than one pair of kitchen shoes and that will solve a lot of the problem.

I tried it… and it works!

Because different shoes provide more or less support in different areas, wearing different shoes helps excercise your foot and provide it support where needed.

Anyway, I have to tell you… it makes all the difference in the world.

And I”ve been thinking that maybe the same is true for us spiritually.

Maybe if we get in a rut spiritually — or keep hitting a chronic blockage or or pain — maybe you need to change your shoes.  Try a shoe that is less comfortable, but might be stretching your spirit in different and new ways (like a show does with your foot).

What does this look like?

Maybe changing my quite time routine or reading a book by a person I know I won’t fully agree with.  Maybe it is changing my sabbath routine or how I journal or pray or practice any of my other spiritual disciplines… sometimes you just need to change your shoes.

I wonder how many of us get stuck in ruts and never try changing our shoes?

What do you think?  Any examples?  

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