Integrating Faith & Politics

08 Jul

Here is the audio from the message/discussion on integrating faith and politics from this past Sunday’s service at Riverfront Family Church.  The format was that I opened with a few observations from the scriptures to set-up the topic, I then interviewed two people who are Christ-followers and deeply involved with politics, and then I tried to offer some closing thoughts to pull it all together.  

It was a challenging format (especially in our outdoor venue), but I thought it went reall well.  I am particularly thankful to Bill Cortese and Evelyn Mantilla for participating in this discussion.

After you listen, I would love to hear your thoughts:

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One response to “Integrating Faith & Politics

  1. Ben Dubow

    July 11, 2011 at 1:37 am

    Thanks Nancy… I thought both Evelyn and Bill were great and easy to &quot;manage&quot;. ?It is a challenging format, but one I think can work well and I think this topic is an example of it working well. ?<div><br></div> <div>BD<br><br></div>



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