05 Jul

Identity is a complicated thing. ?But developing a healthy sense of our identity is critical to developing a healthy emotional life, relational life, and spiritual life.

Identity is also almost always multi-faceted, filled with what can be a healthy creative tension — or could be a very unhealthy and destructive tension.

I am a child of God.

I am a Christ-follower.

I am an American.

I am Jewish.

I am a Dubow.

I am gay.

Those are merely six important aspects of my identity. Each one is important to who I am. ?Some are more primary or important (significant) than others. ?And some (most) of those are in tension with each other at some level.

I am an American — and proud to be. ?But my real citizenship is in heaven and I am truly a resident alien here on earth. ?So I need to keep in check my patriotism.

I am a Christian… and fully Jewish. ?And while I see no contradiction in that, many people do.

Being a Dubow is more than just carrying a name. ?It is also about carrying a history, a story, a legacy. ?And that is true of your family too.

Being gay changes how I interact with much of the world… it changes how I love… what i dream about and long for. ?It is core to my identity, but not central. ?It is part of my identity, but not the defining element.

Identity is complex. ?But is is also important. ?Important to understand and important to let it be complex. ?Because when we simplify it, we lose much of what makes us uniquely us.
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