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01 Jul

Just a heads-up… I took down a post from yesterday about “leaving well”.  The post was meant to simply observe the dynamics of leaving organizations and also to affirm the organization/company I am currently leaving for doing an excellent and professional job with transitions.  In the post, I noted a number of less-than-stellar transitions I have gone through.

My hope was that these stories would highlight principals that would be helpful to other organizations and people in transition.  With the exception of my leaving my last church — which is all well documented on this blog — all the others were much older examples. I figured that by this point no one involved with those groups would really care that much about the details, but that it would be helpful to others to post on them.  After all, I think you can learn a lot from both good models and bad models.

Today it was pointed out to me by a trusted and good friend that she thought some folks may take offense at seeing all those details laid out in public.  Because my intent was never to cause any offense — just “lessons learned” — based on her observation, I chose to take the post down.

Over the next few weeks I will probably write more about lessons learned, transitions, organizational dynamics and leadership — so there will be opportunities to hopefully help others in those ways.  But the risk of offense is not worth the upside of a few good illustrations — so the post is gone.  (Sadly, I also had to delete the good comments on that post… sorry about that!)

And again, sorry to any who were offended… certainly not my intent.

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