Believe or Behave?

24 Jun


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One response to “Believe or Behave?

  1. Nancy

    June 24, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    Vince poses the question: What was Jesus? Goal? I agree with both you and Vince, it was RELATIONSHIP first and foremost. The reason we should ?be moral? is to improve our relationships. I just didn?t like the way he said ?there?s a little of that? (morality) in a diminishing tone.For some people, belief and behavior precede relationship. For me, relationship preceded belief and behavior. Probably not fair to say this is unique to Christianity. Pyari (Hindu 8/7 @ Riverfront), Shadee (Muslim, 8/14), and Yehezkel (Jewish, 8/21) all have passionate, personal relationships and adventures with God. They are also missional. I can point out some important differences, obviously I think Jesus is the highest authority, but it?s obvious they are on a divine journey/adventure too.



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