Summer Speaking Schedule

22 Jun

I will be preaching four times during the month of July, all at Riverfront Family Church.  During the summer, RFC actually meets at Wickham Park in Manchester for its services (10:30 AM).

Here are the dates and topics, if you are interested:

JULY 3 – “Integrating Faith & Politics: A Roundtable Discussion” 

JULY 17 – @Table with Jesus: Lessons in Grace, #1: Banquet (Lk 14:15-24)

JULY 24 – @Table with Jesus: Lessons in Grace, #2: Block Party (Lk 15:11-31)

JULY 31 – @Table with Jesus: Lessons in Grace, #3: Brunch (Jn 21:15-19)

For the July 3rd message, I will be interviewing both Evelyn Mantilla and Bill Cortese. Both are part of the RFC community and are very involved with politics. Evelyn served as a CT State Representative for ten years and Bill works as a political consultant, including on the recent Tom Foley gubernatorial campaign here in Connecticut.  I am going to be asking them about how faith and politics are integrated for them, what some of the dangers/pitfalls might be, etc.  I think this will be a really interesting and hopefully helpful conversation/message for people.

I’m also really excited about the @Table series… hope to see some of you there.

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