6 Decisions, #4: Take Full Responsibility — No If’s, And’s or But’s

24 May

Ongoing reflections as I look back over the past two years and specifically six key decisions I made in the first three months after my life blew up… today, decision #4:?Take Full Responsibility — No If's, And's or But's.

(You can read the series overview here; Part #1 here; Part #2 here; Part #3 here).?

One of the key decisions I made was both simple (and obvious) but also one of the hardest: to take full responsibility for what I did, for my own sin — period.

No rationalizations. No?equivocations. No excuses. (Like in this blog post from July 2009).

When you are wrong, you must own it.
When you sin, you must acknowledge it… confess it… seek forgiveness for it.
Sin is sin. Period.

In the aftermath, there is always much analysis. And there should be. ?What happened, why it happened, what could have prevented it from happening? ?But explanations are never justifications.

There is also discussion about what actually happened… what was the sin?

Let me be clear: being gay is not a sin. ?But what I did and who I did it with was sinful. ?While there is context to what happened, it doesn't excuse what I did.?

And in the aftermath of what happened, there were a lot of accusations made against me. ?To be 100% honest, the majority of those accusations were untrue. Some were just false information or rumors. ?Some were lies.

But at the end of the day, enough of what said was true. ?I was guilty of what I did and I acknowledged it, confessed it, owned it completely. ?I honestly believe that until that important step happens, no healing, reconciliation or healing can even begin.

When you are guilty, own it… and let Jesus deal with it.

Our own sin should humble us.?
Our own sin should haunt us.
But it should not hold us. It should not lead us despair.

The Gospel is God's answer to our sin.
We confess it… knowing that it has already been fully forgiven.
We own it… knowing it does not define or?posses?us.
We name it… knowing that Jesus is reconciling all things.

A part from the truth of the Gospel, I am not sure that I could face my own sin. ?Under the shadow of the cross, we can have the courage to honestly admit our failures, trusting that the grace of God not just extends forgiveness but reconciliation and restoration.

But until we acknowledge our sin — and own it, confess it, seek forgiveness for it from those we have sinned against — healing and restoration can never take place.
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