Celibacy or Fidelity

24 Mar

My view is that whatever our sexual orientation (a complex and disputed concept in itself, I know), I think we have two options: celibacy or fidelity. Contrary to what some people wrongly conclude, I reached that position not because of a carelessness towards what the Bible says, or through disregard of Christian tradition, but through careful study of the Bible and reflection on the trajectory of tradition. All this took place within my context as a pastor to, friend of, and family member with many gay people.

Brian Mclaren hits the nail on the head in terms of understanding Biblical Christian ethics — for both straight people and LGBT people: celibacy or fidelity. That’s it.

What do you think?

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One response to “Celibacy or Fidelity

  1. John Fecteau

    March 26, 2011 at 3:09 am

    When scripture is quoted I always receive it within context and with inferred exegesis. Possibly that is not the intention. I too love the scriptures and the wisdom of its author. I don’t trust my exegesis enough to be confident that I can trust the Bible. I always question it. I need more than ‘Biblical’ to convince me. Usually when I hear the ‘Biblical’ card being played I know I can’t trust it. It’s not real, it’s interpreted. I find Jesus more in those who know less about the Bible. This also seems to be true in the New Testament. So many divorce over fidelity without ever considering faithfulness. Faithfulness is much broader than fidelity. You may use the terms differently. But Brian used it in the same context as celibacy so I assumed he narrowed it’s use to be in terms of monogamy.



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