10 Things Evangelicals Need to Cease

07 Mar

10.) Act as if justice is simply a social issue and not a biblical one.

9.) Reduce the Christian life to individualism.

8.) Major in the minors theologically.

7.) Stop saying ?hate the sin, but love the sinner? when we don?t do it.

6.) Feel comfortable with segregated church.

5.) Confuse political ideology with biblical theology.

4.) Act as if race, class, and gender are no longer issues to be dealt with.

3.) Avoid prophetic preaching.

2.) Missing out on being blessed by women in pastoral leadership.

1.) Ignoring the biblical mandate of reconciliation.

Efrem Smith, a prophetic voice in the Evangelical movement, proposes these “10 things evangelicals need to cease doing”.


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One response to “10 Things Evangelicals Need to Cease

  1. Mike

    March 9, 2011 at 4:26 am

    Ben – I have a really hard time with the Segregated Church idea. I without a doubt fall into that category. It frustrates me when people that are very passionate about not being inclusive to people stand up at the pulpit and preach about certain topics while listening to others around me say "Amen". What I really want to say to these people is to open their hearts. However, if I engage in that, I feel a vitriolic speech comes my way about how I am wrong. This might be my cross, I don’t know, but I am honestly frustrated by it. It is not something that brings me happiness when going to Church is no longer about the WORD OF GOD, but about who we are going to exclude/include. I hope this makes sense, when I get back from Colorado (doing some flying in the mountains) I hope to join a small group at the church we are at, but I am afraid for what that will cause.I have a short patience span, and am ready to engage people. The problem is, that sometimes (okay probably most times) I have a hard time explaining, through the bible how I feel. That becomes problematic when defending my point and gives the "more passionate" person the upper hand that might be wiser, smarter, older etc…At the end of the day, sometimes I just want to throw my hands up and disconnect. I wonder if others feel that way too? Love to hear thoughts



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