Aging Sermons

21 Feb

Rob Merola had a great post the other day about HOW SERMONS CHANGE WITH AGE. I found the post via Scot McKnight’s blog.

Rob suggests how sermons might change from “A Young Person” to a “Not As Young Person”.  Here are some of his examples:

A Young Person’s Sermon >>>> A Not As Young Person’s Sermon

How to Live Without Regret >>>> How to Live With It 

How to Live With Those we Love. >>>> How to Live Without Them 

I Slew Goliath with the Sling and Stone. >>>> May our Warring Cease.

Becoming the Me I Want to Be. >>>> Accepting the Me I Am.

This We Believe. >>>> What if I Don’t? 

Money, Sex, and Power. >>>> Love.

By Grace Alone >>>> By Grace Alone

I thought this was really interesting. It also occurred to me that, at least by Rob’s calculation, I have aged a lot (spiritually) in the last 18 months — which is not necessarily a bad thing at all.

What do you think of Rob’s hypothesis? Any other examples of “Young” vs. “Not As Young” sermons?

Other thoughts?


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