18 Feb

One image/analogy that is helpful when thinking about life is that of journey… pathway… direction. ?And we often think this way when we are deciding what to do, who to be, etc. ?When we seek God's leading, it is often directional. ?Which way should I go?

That is very much the discernment process I am in right now.

But it occurred to be yesterday that another image is also helpful: a puzzle.

In other words, not just asking WHERE AM I GOING but also HOW DO THE PIECES FIT TOGETHER?

I have been thinking in terms of FOUR PATHS. ?But what if it is more like FOUR PIECES to integrate together? ?What if it is less either/or than about figuring out how to fit each element together? And figuring out the order in which they fit together? Because when assembling a puzzle, the best strategy is to start with the CORNER PIECES (corner stone?) and then the edges and then fill in from there.

I have assumed that each of the "paths" are mutually exclusive. ?But yesterday God showed me that is not necessarily true. ?It is possible that they all fit together.

Just some thoughts for today…
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