Keeping An Open Mind

17 Feb

One key component of the discernment process I am in is that I am trying to keep an open mind and pure heart until I have completed the process.

On any given day, it is tempting to dismiss one or another of my four options.

Today was a reminder why I shouldn't do that.

I had a phenomenal divine appointment today with a woman from the Boston area.? It was a bit of a random meeting that I figured was worth doing — but with little expectation.?

Turns out we really clicked and some really interesting ideas emerged… ones worth praying through and waiting on.

And the same thing happened yesterday with a more intentional meeting with someone talking about a different option.

Both really got my juices flowing.

And that is why I take very few things off the table during the process. There will be a time to choose… today just isn't that time.

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One response to “Keeping An Open Mind

  1. Nancy

    February 21, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    Ha, ha, yes, Searcy/Ben stewardship system is on the more detailed to do list!



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