In Your Face

08 Feb


Sometimes we all need someone to get into our face and speak serious truth to us.

One of the guys that does that for me is my friend, brother and mentor J.R.

Because our schedules are pretty much flip-flopped (I work nights EST, he works super-early mornings PST) I haven’t gotten a chance to talk with him as often as I would like lately.  But when I am discerning stuff, J.R. is one the PEOPLE I go to for WISDOM, DISCERNMENT, ENCOURAGEMENT and some good IN-YOUR-FACE TRUTH TELLING.

I spoke with J.R. for 29 minutes and 20 seconds the other day.

He did most of the talking.

I laid out for him the 4 (now possibly 5) pathways before me… he listened and then BAM!

He was off and running — and it wasn’t really J.R. but the Holy Spirit that was talking — and in those moments I got CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY about the REAL DECISION I had to make…. and it isn’t about which choice of the 5 to make… that will become clear once another decision has been made.

The Holy Spirit — through J.R. — nailed it.


In your face.

And while it can be convicting and challenging, it is also refreshing and awakening like being splashed with fresh cold water.

I hope you have people like J.R. in your life.

If not, find someone.

We all need it.

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