20 Jan


I am convinced that each of us is created by our Heavenly Father to crave purpose, significance and to pursue something greater than ourselves.

I think this is a universal — and really good — longing of the soul.

We might consider this our greater VOCATION.

Throughout church history, VOCATION has meant far more than just job.  It is about calling.

  • First, we are called to a relationship with our Creator. That is our primary vocation. (Discipleship)
  • Second, we are called to love God with all of our hearts, minds, souls and being… Celebration. (Worship)
  • Third, we are called to relationships with others… Community. (Fellowship)
  • Fourth, we are called to love and serve each other… Great Commandment. (Ministry)
  • Fifth, if we are followers of Christ, we are called to be Ambassadors for Him… Great Commission. (Mission)

These are things that — I believe — every person is called to.  Our universal VOCATION… our primary purposes.

But beyond that, we all have a need for specific VOCATION… a specific place where we invest in that which is greater than ourselves and experience significance.

I have noticed that such focus tends to come in one of three areas:

  1. Ordained Ministry
  2. Work
  3. Family

Some people find this kind of vocation through the religious life, that is ordained ministry (or, if not formally ordained, through recognized ministry).  Others, through their jobs — whether teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc, etc.  And others through family — marriage and children.  Many, through a combination of all three.

As I have been doing some self-reflection, I realized I need to focus on this sense of vocation.

For most of my adult life, ORDAINED MINISTRY was my vocation and primary outlet for investing in something greater than myself.  I was blessed to get to do this as my job.  In many respects, my passion and commitment to ministry made the desire/need for my own family — spouse and children — unnecessary.

In the coming season of life, I need  to redefine where I will focus and invest.

Perhaps it is a plan to re-enter ordained ministry.  That is a possibility.  But if not, then it seems like a need a job that is about more than just a paycheck.  Or if that kind of significance does not come from a job, it will need to come from family — a partner, children, etc. 

This, of course, is not an either-or scenario.  One can be in volunteer ministry, have a job that is significant, and raise a family.  But you need at least one of those.  

I don’t know (yet) what direction God will call me (and all vocation is calling).  I think it is very possible that God will call me back into full time vocational ministry — and for those who have been reading this blog for the past 18 months will know that this is a change for me.  I am now very open to such a calling again.  And maybe God will call me into a career as a chef that is significant… my dream job would be either working as a chef at a soup kitchen or training at-risk youth in culinary arts.  And maybe God will call me into the vocation of marriage, adopting children, and raising a family.  And maybe he will call me into all three.

But this I know, HE WILL CALL AGAIN.

And when He calls, I will respond: HERE I AM, LORD. SEND ME.



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One response to “Vocation

  1. Ben Dubow

    January 21, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    Thanks Nancy… I really appreciate your prayers! And your wisdom and insight… looking forward to breakfast next week!I too am praying for the whole time piece… and also glad that, if nothing else, the public humiliation part is indeed past :-)BD



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