Words Matter

10 Jan


The reality is, WORDS MATTER — and we all know it.  It is why we use them, it is why we use them to influence people, and why we value great wordsmiths so much.


And I think it is undeniable that extreme (and often violent) rhetoric helps create an environment where crazy and evil people are more likely to do crazy and evil things.

If you call a doctor who performs legal abortions a “baby killer” long enough, you cannot feign surprise and outrage when someone takes those words to heart and starts killing abortion doctors.

If you insist that gays are intrinsically flawed, call them an abomination, insist that their presence will undermine the military, and compare homosexuality to pedophilia, incest or polygamy, you should not be surprised when incidents of both gay suicide and gay bashing increase.

If you say that Barack Obama is a muslim, socialist, non-American citizen striving to take over and destroy the United States, you can’t be upset when people take your words to their logical conclusion.

And if you use language like “time to reload” and suggest that it might be time to engage in “2nd Amendment remedies”, you should not be surprised by what happened this past week in Arizona.




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One response to “Words Matter

  1. Ben Dubow

    January 10, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    I think you are correct on both fronts Nancy.<br><br>And re. gun control, I think you are right too… not a realistic option. &nbsp;But I do think we need to develop some common sense gun control measures in this country.<br><br>—– Reply message —–<br>From: &quot;Posterous&quot; &lt;



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