Inerant? Infallible? Inspired? Authoritative?

05 Jan


I am an evangelical Christian.  I also align myself with historic, orthodox (lowercase “o”), catholic (lower case “c”), Christianity (upper case “C”).  This means that, among other things, I affirm the innerancy, infallibility, inspiration and authority of scripture.

But what does that mean?

Whatever it means, it should mean the same thing no matter what parts of the biblical canon we are talking about.  

Last Sunday, I preached a message at my church out of Nehemiah 1-2.  I also preached out of this section of chapter 7.

Here is my question:

IF THE BIBLE IS INERANT, INFALLIBLE, INSPIRED and AUTHORITATIVE… what does that mean in terms of these two passages?

In other words, in what ways are these passages AUTHORITATIVE?  Or INERANT? etc?

For this discussion, I am particularly interested in those willing to allow for the “if” assumption above… but of course, all are welcomed to comment!

So comment away…


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One response to “Inerant? Infallible? Inspired? Authoritative?

  1. Ben Dubow

    January 6, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Nehemiah is definitely one of my favorite books. &nbsp;I preached through the whole book a few year ago at our mid-week service. It was great material.<br><br>—– Reply message —–<br>From: &quot;Posterous&quot; &lt;



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