Birthday Reflections

17 Dec

Today, I turn 36 — and my niece turns 3 (much more significant!)

I am home sick (called out to work — something I rarely do) so I have some time to reflect upon the past year.

Last year, I posted this reflection about my birthday… and said this:

Truth be told, I have low expectations for 35.  My goals are simple: finish culinary school, don’t go broke, make some friends, find a church community that will take me and fit with a restaurant/cooking schedule (easier said than done), and figure out the next step after that.

The good news is that, while my goals were modest, I met them all!  I graduated culinary school, didn’t go broke, made some good new friends, found a church and have taken some good and practical steps in the “what’s next” area.

Along the way I also got to preach, officiate two wonderful weddings for wonderful couples. officiated a funeral, and have finally received forgiveness from both the church and congregant involved at my previous church.

So 35 was much better than 34.  But I have higher expectations for 36… no specific goals, except to continue to follow Jesus with passion, commitment, purpose and faithfulness.  If I do that, it will have been a good year.

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