Finding Joy at Christmas in the next sixty seconds??

15 Dec

?and you will find the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, and lying in a manger??
?Swaddling clothes? are one of the best parts of the Christmas story.  I?ll tell you why.

This announcment is made to the shepherds.  Shepherding was not considered a high-class job.    It was actually on some lists of unclean occupations.
?Mommas, don?t let your sons grow up to be shepherds? was a popular country western song of the day.

So shepherds would naturally be a little on edge getting a celestial visit.  They would not have regarded themselves as likely candidates to go visit a child born savior and king.  They were not likely to be welcomed at a Savior/King door.

So the angels wanted to let them know:  this child was not born in a governors mansion.  He?s not in the high-rent district.  He?s not dressed in a vintage baby robe from Nordstrom?s.   This shall be a sign unto you?
this is a manger baby.  a dressed-in-rags baby.
He?s like you.
He?s one of you.
So when you knock on that door, it will open wide.

This is the gospel for shepherds.
This is good news for you right now, this minute, whatever else you have gotten or will get wrong.  Disappointed in your career, failing in your marriage, messed up with your finances, beat up in your emotions.
He?s come to earth.  Through the servants? entrance.   He?s come to  suffering, pain, poverty, disappointment, hardship.
He?s like you.
He?s one of you.
If you knock on that door, it will open wide.

Merry Christmas

This is a great post from John Ortberg… may you find joy this Christmas Season!

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