06 Dec

As many of you know, I wasn’t totally thrilled with the meeting I had last week.

But, in many ways it accomplished what I had hoped — at least in a sense.

I have talked before about the nature of forgiveness and “being bound” (here).  I have also written abut the importance of seeking forgiveness and reconciliation with (1) the congregation; (2) the pastor; and (3) the congregant at my former church (read here).  

After Tuesday’s meeting, I feel like the church-as-church has forgiven me. That completes the the three areas of forgiveness I have been seeking (here) — though the process of reconciliation is a totally different story as of now.

Here is the interesting thing… though it was just words — “On behalf of the church, you are forgiven” — it makes a huge difference.  One of the things that God’s Word teaches us that WORDS MATTER and WORDS ACT.  In other words, SOMETIMES JUST SAYING (or hearing) THE WORDS MAKES THEM TRUE.

I think forgiveness is like that — WORDS MATTER.

So since Tuesday’s meeting, I have have felt an experienced a degree of freedom that I have not felt in 18 months.  I am sleeping better, experiencing some sincere moments of joy/vision/dreaming, and have not had any of those waking-up-moments of “my life sucks” all week.


FREEDOM IN CHRIST, I have had and have every day.


So I am FREE.  And it feels REALLY GOOD.

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One response to “Freedom

  1. Ben D.

    December 6, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    <p>Thanks Bruce… and thanks for your ongoing prayers!</p>



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