Political Punditry: My Predictions for 2012

05 Nov

I figured since everyone else is offering their predictions for the 2012 election, I would throw mine into the mix… never too soon!

So here it is:

We will experience serious gridlock for the next year.  Nothing radical about that prediction.  But I think we will actually see some bi-partisan action in early 2012, as polling will suggest the American people even more frustrated then than now.

In terms of presidential politics, if the Republicans can nominate someone in the Mitt Romney category (moderate, managerial, not tea party, not big on the social agenda), I predict that Obama is a 1 term president.  If they nominate some in the Sarah Palin/Tea Party mold, Obama gets a second term.

I think Republicans will hold the house, by a smaller number than they just one.  I also think the Dems will hold the senate.

Healthcare survives, without more than a superficial push to rescind the legislation.

Bush tax cuts are extended as part of a compromise to get through the raised debt ceiling and Obama appointments to the court/middle class stimulus or tax cut.

Not much else will happen of significance legislatively this next year.

So that is it… feel free to weigh in… agree… disagree… or offer your own predictions.

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