More Inside Baseball: Church Trends

19 Oct

Continuing with some more “Inside Baseball”, John Ortberg posted last week on his blog some observations he has made about the “State of the Church” after spending time with young leaders at the Catalyst conference.

Here is what John observed:

–The word “emerging” is fading faster than the Colorado Rockies in a pennant race, but the word “missional” continues to drive thinking.  Andy Crouch said that the (re)discovery of justice is one of the primary impacts on evangelicalism in our day.

–There is still confusion over gender and ministry.  While there is increasing involvement by women in the evangelical/charismatic  world around leading and teaching, there is not yet a common understanding of the theological and scriptural foundation for ministry by giftedness rather than gender.

–The inability to maintain high quality in small groups is the dirty hidden secret in countless churches; including lots of large churches.

–Paradoxically, evangelicalism is becoming the primary version of Christianity (historic mainline liberal Christianity is fading faster than the Chicago Cubs in a pennant race), but is becoming increasingly viewed as marginal by mainstream culture.

–New church leaders, who once learned mainly from denominations, and then learned from large flag-ship churches, are increasingly learning from high-profile individuals through social media.

I would love to hear your thoughts/reactions/analysis…

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