Lt. Dan Choi’s Message

14 Oct

Lt. Dan Choi spoke at UCONN yesterday.  Because of scheduling, I was unable to attend his talk.  So I decided to listen to a recent talk he gave at Harvard University.  I am assuming that this is a pretty stock speech for Choi, so pretty similar to what he spoke about at UCONN.

I was pretty blown away by his talk.  He is smart, full of integrity, articulate and passionate.  In short, he is exactly the kind of person we should want defending our country.  He also spoke articulately about the role of his Christian faith has played in his coming out journey.  He grew up the son of a conservative Korean Southern Baptist pastor.

It is worth the time to watch his whole speech here: (I will post it in multiple parts, starting with part 2. Part 1 is simply an introduction to the talk).

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One response to “Lt. Dan Choi’s Message

  1. Ben D.

    October 14, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    <p>Yes, Rick… very true indeed. Just another reason that those who support DADT are insane!</p>



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