If this is true, it is very sad

08 Oct

Scot McKnight has posted an analysis of the coming changes in evangelicalism.  In short, McKnight is arguing that a fundamental shift from “generous evangelicalism” (or “Big Tent” evangelicalism) to a more fundamentalist, Calvinistic, and increasingly socially conservative form of evangelicalism.  In short, McKnight thinks that the future of evangelicalism will be more influenced by “small tent” folks like Al Mohler than the likes of Billy Graham, John Stott, Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, etc.

If this is true, it is terribly sad.  And since Scot’s analysis is usually spot-on, I suspect he is correct in his assessment.

I think it is sad not just because it will force many of us to abandon evangelicalism (more because the movement is leaving us than we are leaving the movement) but because ultimately I think the kingdom mission is harmed by such small-tent thinking.

You can read Scot’s post here…. then let me know what you think.

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One response to “If this is true, it is very sad

  1. John

    October 8, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    <p>It’s what I see happening. Exclusion before inclusion and there are so many to exclude.</p>



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