On A Lighter Note

05 Oct

A few years ago, when I was lead pastor of a church, I came across this hysterical church voicemail and remix.  

At the time, things were going great at the church. We were experiencing huge growth numbers, baptisms, new believers, adding services, etc.  It was an exciting time, but also a challenging and stressful time for our staff and volunteers.

One of my operating principals is a leader was always that we took our work/ministry very seriously, but didn’t take ourselves too seriously.  Since I thought the team could use a good laugh, I decided to send an email to the whole worship team with the audio files below attached. In the email I said something along the lines of “just passing on feedback… sometimes it is good and sometimes less good.”

I thought it was obvious from both clips that it was a joke.  Apparently not.

Several people thought it was real and got upset about it.  Our full time worship pastor sent me an angry email, upset that I shared the feedback with the whole team before talking to him 1-on-1 (he thought it was real).

I guess my attempt at helping people laugh and relax was a serious #fail, lol.

Here are the audio files… definitely worth listening to both (let the file play through twice to hear the remix).

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One response to “On A Lighter Note

  1. Allison

    October 5, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    <p>Hahaha this is great! I admit that I’ve certainly "wiggled [my] butt to the beat" during some good worship music!!</p><p> But yes, I can see how, at first blush, this voicemail could seem very real.</p>



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