Don’t Be A Wussy… Pick up the Phone

21 Sep

One of the most important things my mentor and friend J.R. said to me when my life was falling apart, was “Don’t be a wussy… pick up the phone!” (I am not entirely sure he used the term “wussy”, but we will just say he did.)

Feeling alone? Depressed?

Pick up the phone and call.

Overwhelmed by guilt?

Pick up the phone and call.

Struggling with temptation?

Pick up the phone and call.

Stuck in a rut of negative thoughts?

Pick up the phone and call.

It is amazing how that one act can literally make the difference between dealing with stuff as a mature adult and disaster.  I actually was not that good at following this advice at first.  I like to think I am tough enough and string enough to deal with my own crap on my own.  Calling seemed weak. It also seemed like failure and that I would disappoint people.

J.R. had another phrase to describe that: bullshit.

Bit by bit, I learned to make the call.  And often just leaving a message… sending a text… or a 30 second touch-base conversation was all it took to get some perspective back.

This lesson has been reinforced in my guys small group.  Our mantra is simple: call anytime for any reason and we will be there.

And it is true.

I was talking about this with a friend I am mentoring the other day.  My advice to him was simple, “don’t be a wuss… pick up the phone!”

Because these days, at least for me, my heroes — the people I respect more than any others — are not those who are so strong and together that they don’t have to make the call… no, my heroes are the ones who consistently pick up the phone and make the call.

This is not weakness… it is wisdom.

So… who is on your speed dial these days?  If you don’t have anyone, feel free to put my number in (8609332711).  It is never a bother… and you too can be my hero!

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