Differing Perspectives on LGBT from Conservative Christians

26 Jul

The folks over at Recycle Your Faith have recently posted a series of four short videos showing four different perspectives on homosexuality. All of the perspectives come from conservative, evangelical Christians.

One of the important things about embracing a “big tent” philosophy (as I do) is that we can respect and learn from other perspectives — even when we disagree.  I think the ability to engage alternate perspectives with grace and civility is a sign of increasing spiritual maturity.

I think each of the video perspectives offers some interesting and thought-provoking ideas.  It will be obvious (if you read this blog) which perspective most represents my own view — but that is not really the issue.  I hope you follow along this week as I post a different clip each day (starting tomorrow) and that you will add your own thoughts, ideas and insights as we go.

The four perspectives will come from these folks:

CLINT CLINE is the brains behind a number of ad campaigns for pro-family advocacy groups.

KATHY BALDOCK is a conservative evangelical who had a change of heart and theology after befriending a gay woman.

ADAM HOOD became straight after an encounter with God in San Francisco’s Castro District.

RICH McCULLEN, a pastor in San Diego, used billboards to apologize to gay Californians after proposition 8 passed.

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