Part of Why I’m Still Blogging

18 Jun

I am often asked why I blog. There are a bunch reasons — mostly because it helps me process my own journey. Secondly, I hope that an open window to my journey might be helpful to others. And thirdly, I truly value the conversation as part of the process.

Sometimes it takes a note or email from someone, though, to remind me why it is worth the time, effort, vulnerability, and inevitable criticism… here is one of those notes, posted here with permission:


Every once in a while I make a good meal out of your faithautopsy blog (zero calories, doesn’t keep me up all night, win win). Spent a little time there tonight and just wanted to send you a quick shout and let you know that I think you’re terrific, I’m proud of you, and I still publicly credit you for the assist in getting me to the feet of Jesus 🙂

Something kinda hit me tonight while I was reading and I wanted to share it with you. It seems like ages ago when someone (I can’t even remember who) mentioned to me in a very cloak and dagger fashion about what was going on at [the church] and in your life.

Since then I’ve maintained the position that I would love you, defend our friendship when approached about it, and not “weigh in” or participate in gossip or drama. I keep typing this message trying to say things the right way, and not enter too many characters for facebook’s liking. Nothing seems to be working so I’m just going to be very concise and blunt. Please read this with the understanding that it is getting late, I’m tired, and I’ll touch base more about it later. 

Bottom line: I realized tonight that deep down I used to be “homophobic.” I also realized tonight that I no longer have that thought process. Not even a little bit. Not sure when God removed it, but I’m certain that you had something to do with it and I feel thankful and relieved like a huge weight has been lifted. I look forward to sleeping on this and having the day off tomorrow to reflect. God uses you to change lives in a powerful way. Keep up his good work. You’re a great teacher and I’m fortunate to have you as a friend.”

All I can say is… not as fortunate as I am to have you as a friend and brother in Christ! Thanks!

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One response to “Part of Why I’m Still Blogging

  1. Ben D.

    June 18, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    <p>Yes indeed!</p>



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