1YrL8tr Reflections, Part 4

09 Jun

Continuing my reflections from the past year… in no particular order (and without much explanation), here are a bunch of things I learned (or confirmed) about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Gospel:

– “Love God, love people” is not a slogan or cliche… it is the heart of the Gospel message and what it means to follow Jesus.

– Jesus is our primary hermeneutic when reading the scriptures.

– Grace is either lavish, undeserved and freely given — or it is not grace at all.

– I have learned to trust fully in the character of God.

– Never once — in all that has happened this past year — have I ever felt like Jesus had abandoned me, was angry at me, or did anything but love me. Likewise, I have never once considered walking away from Jesus… He is my Lord, Savior, King, Leader and friend. And that will never change.

– Words like grace, forgiveness, reconciliation, community, etc, only have meaning when lived out. As theological ideas they are empty and useless; when lived out, lives and communities are transformed.

– Jesus likes me… he really does. He also knows me… and always had. I can’t surprise him… I can’t disappoint him… I can’t hide from him… and all of this is really good news.

– Because of how God loves me, I am obligated to love others, forgive others and unquestionably extend grace to others… it is my worship and rightful response to the character of God.

– Jesus doesn’t mind that I am gay. 

So those are some random thoughts on things I have been learning… more reflections to come.

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