A Good Morning

04 Jun

Today has been a good morning.  Really a sabbath morning. I don’t get these very often these days.

Slept in until 11… coffee… fruit smoothie… prayer and time in God’s Word (Philippians 2 this morning)… read the New York Times (on my Kindle, of course)… and just relax before work at 3PM.

Refreshing and much needed.

I am looking forward to classes being done (July 9th!) as I will be able to have a semi-normal and much healthier/sustainable schedule… at least for a little while.

Between school and work, I am pretty much working in the kitchen 7-days a week and have been for months. We aren’t designed for that…. sabbath is not just important, but really an essential part of the healthy rhythm of life. 

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One response to “A Good Morning

  1. katie i

    June 4, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    <p>thank goodness for the kindle. wouldn’t want to get your hands all full of ink. sounds like a great refreshing sabbath morning.</p>



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