Just When I Want to Give Up On Church…

14 May

Just when I want to give up on church, read this on a friend’s blog and it gives me pause:

“People sometimes ask me why I gave up on that (contemporary-relevant church) model and shifted over to organic/house church and what used to be called “emerging church”. The reason had to do with a God-directed shift away from unsustainable resource-hungry models of church towards reproducing movements of God’s people being the church and celebrating together without having to put on an expensive show. So we dumped the stage and focused our time on living out the gospel rather than performing it on a stage, and making disciples rather than attracting spectators.” – Andrew Jones

Makes me wonder… 

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One response to “Just When I Want to Give Up On Church…

  1. Ben D.

    May 14, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    <p>Hey Kim</p><p>It just seems to me that increasingly most churches are living and operating in some bizarre parallel universe that has little or no impact on those farthest from God and on the community-at-large and have either become (1) stuck in some weird 1950’s time warp (mainline churches), (2) sold-out to a totally consumeristic and entertainment model of church, or (3) becoming increasingly judgmental and hostile towards anyone different from them — all while spending lots of God’s resources for increasingly less fruit.</p><p>Not all churches fall into this category… but many do.</p><p>But that quote again reminded me why I am not ready to totally give up on church. I am also reminded of the quote from Craig Groeschel that there are still tons of ways of doing church that we haven’t discovered yet… that is good news.</p><p>BD</p>



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