Quick Take: Gays at Prom

25 Apr

Many of you have probably been following this story about the school that cancelled its prom so that a lesbian teenager could not attend with her girlfriend. Not every school system handles it this way… for example here.

My quick take: those who opposed the student attending prom are 100% wrong and 100% hypocritical.

They are wrong — legally and morally — and inflict damage on gay teens everywhere… certainly a group that does not need to be beat up anymore than they already are.

And they are hypocritical for this reason… those that oppose allowing LGBT students to attend prom (and please note, in this case she would not have been allowed to attend alone… you had to have a date for this prom) argue that to allow them would be to support “sinful behavior”.

For just a moment, let’s assume that two teenagers dancing together and having fun at a glorified school dance could be construed as sinful (not quite sure where you find that in scripture, unless you are a baptist who thinks all dancing is sinful)… but assume that position… and ignore the obvious issue of whether a public school has any business enforcing such a view (it does not)… there is still a major problem…

No one opposed heterosexual couples who were sleeping together from going to the prom (also sin, I assume, from the perspective of those opposing the gay students)… no one suggested banning any students who were going to have random hookups after prom… or get drunk… or stoned… etc etc… 

The truth is that proms are seeding grounds for tons of “sinful behavior” — pretty much endorsed by the school and parents. But no one cared about those things… just the gay student.

So that is my quick take… what is yours?

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One response to “Quick Take: Gays at Prom

  1. Ben D.

    April 25, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    <p>lol… you guys make me smile.</p><p>BD</p>



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