What’s the Point of Jesus?

17 Apr

From Bart Campolo…

Would love to hear your thoughts… what do you think?

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One response to “What’s the Point of Jesus?

  1. Ben D.

    April 17, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    <p>Hey KSmith</p><p>I think you raise some great questions and really good points.</p><p>I love what you write here:</p><p><i>" In the end, God wants to have a personal relationship with everyone, and is always waiting for us to come back to him because we are his children, and deeply a part of him. God is not a set of laws that had to be fixed up because we broke all of them – he is a living and loving presence that I think we needed to be taught more directly about through Jesus; much of my perception of God has been greatly influenced by Christianity, I will not deny that. I simply do not understand the cause and effect of the death and resurrection of Jesus – how did his death essentially save us from our sins?"</i></p><p>I agree that the end is that God wants a personal relationship with everyone!</p><p>I know for me one of the biggest challenges to faith when I was a high school student before I met Christ was wondering if (a) God really cared about me (why would he?) and (b) does he really understand me?</p><p>God suffering on the cross answers both those questions for me — yes he cares and yes he knows.</p><p>I think Bart is right in that the point is not about the legal pardon from sin — the point is about relationship, love, purpose… how God gets us there is really up to Him I think.</p><p>But it is because God is primarily interested in relationship that sin really matters. I don’t see sin as primarily about "rule breaking" as much as "relationship violating". The Bible talks about how God enters into a covenant (or vow) with his people. In many respects, it is like a wedding vow/covenant — I promise to love, to forgo others, etc etc. Sin violates the covenant promise… and just like in a marriage, the relationship is damaged. Does that make sense?</p><p>As a side note, one of the things that has always blown me away about Christianity is that it turns everything upside down!</p><p>While every other world religion or philosophy is about humankind in search of the divine (whatever the divine may be… god, Gods, enlightenment, nirvana, etc). But Christianity is the story of the divine (Jesus) in search of us!</p><p>That is radical crazy stuff when you think about it… and makes Christianity totally unique! (imho)</p>



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