15 Apr

Those who know me or read this blog know that the about 10 months ago (Memorial Day 2009, to be exact) my life blew up and it has been kind of a living hell trying to put it all back together. In some ways, ten months out, I feel pretty good about where I am at. 

I have done all the right logistical things… important things. Counseling, spiritual direction, repentance, prayer, focus on growing deeper with Christ, going back to school, getting a job, finding a place to live… all those things… making life work again.

And I feel like I have come a long way. And I have learned a lot about myself. Things I didn’t know.

But in other ways, there is still so much unresolved — mostly the relational stuff with both individuals and with the church I left. I pray they don’t stay unresolved — some days I am hopeful, others less so.

Throughout this journey, there have been many friends and people that have stuck with me — who have said, despite everything we love you, we are for you, we are with you. And… many who have not. I have also developing new friendships… at school, at church, at work… and that is good.

But throughout the process there have been two people who have really mentored me and walked with me — and to be honest, without them I don’t think I would have made it this far. These two guys on the one hand couldn’t be more different… and yet very similar. They are J.R. Mahon and Bart Campolo.

Both are incredibly intense, driven, serious guys. Both incredibly busy, but make time for me and others. These guys are two of the most radical Jesus-followers I have ever met. They never hesitate to speak hard truths into my life… and yet I never doubt that they are for me. 

I consider them both gifts from my heavenly Father… and I am deeply thankful for them both.

So if you think of it, say a quick prayer of thanksgiving for both those guys… they deserve it.

Thanks J.R. & Bart!

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